What is the Genesis of this Grassroots Movement?

In September of 2018, the Vigo County YMCA pool closed due to YMCA financial difficulties. While the pool closure helped the financial burden of the YMCA, this closure of the only all-access community pool within 75 miles impacted the health and wellness of many citizens who relied on aquatics activity. As a result, a diverse group became active in the struggle to reopen the pool and achieve sustainability. These YMCA patrons formed Why Make Waves with the ultimate goal of becoming an auxiliary non-profit fundraiser for YMCA staffing and programming. They kept the story alive in the media to create community awareness of the health benefits of aquatics.

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The celebration is that the City of Terre Haute and the YMCA formed a partnership to reopen the pool under city management. The city will pay for all maintenance costs while the YMCA will pay for staffing and programming. The opening date of January 31, 2020, has been celebrated, but Why Make Waves’ support will continue to achieve sustainability for this community asset through grant writing and fundraising.  Our mission is deeper than the pool… not just for today, but years ahead to promote the community health value of aquatics. It is our hope to not only have water safety classes, Aqua Yoga, and water aerobics, but also have aquatic therapy for autistic children and other special needs. Why Make Waves joins the YMCA in its belief of youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility. Together we make a difference