Millions of Americans have diabetes, and in 1993, I became one of them. Learning to eat properly and to control my blood sugar became a daily regimen that was not always successful. However, when I retired, I made the decision to make my health a priority. I visited the YMCA to check out their aquatics programs, signed up that day, and I’m so glad I did. The water allows me to move in ways not possible on land while increasing my aerobic endurance. I now include lap swimming in my workouts. My A1c has improved. In addition, I’ve met many wonderful swimmers who make up a caring community. Best decision ever! – Susan M. ( pictured center above)

I was once paralyzed, I am limited in what I can do. In the pool, I can move in the water – doing laps and taking classes. The pool offers a social arena of like-minded individuals to work on their wellness. The pool is a gem for the Vigo County Community and we should never let such a bright beacon be dimmed. – Vera K.

I have been using the YMCA pool regularly for my painful knee from arthritis and have undergone total knee replacement. So have a large number of seniors after experiencing debilitating physical ailments. From a medical perspective, water is the best method for rehabilitation of joints as it improves pain, stiffness, balance, flexibility and muscle tone. I have recommended aquatic therapy to many of my patients in my practice. This invaluable asset of our community must survive. – Dr. Ramana Reddy, MD Orthopedic Surgeon

I am a 73-year-old widow.  For many years, bowling was my favorite pastime, and I was pretty good at it.  As I aged, I experienced difficulty walking.  After two hip replacements and a hip revision, I became active again.  Then came heart disease and diabetes along with claudication in my legs which causes extreme pain while walking. Without activity, I put on weight.I became a Y member, tried the pool, and was sold! The exercise I get in the pool is so beneficial to my physical and emotional well being! The pool has been a lifesaver by allowing exercise I can’t do on land. – Ginger B

Several years ago I retired from a job which was extremely stressful, and my physician gave me some advice.  First he said that I should find volunteer work that would provide me with the feeling of accomplishment. And second, he told me to join the YMCA, and specifically join the water aerobics classes.  I suffer from arthritis, which makes doing many of the land exercises difficult for me. Besides feeling more confident in my physical well-being, the camaraderie of exercising with a group of men and women is helping my mental well-being.  Maintaining a positive social life is necessary.  Once again, the “Y” provides the atmosphere we all need. Carla A (pictured on the left in the above photo)

In March of 2018, I had a hip replacement, followed by a knee replacement.  My Doctor credited my swimming for my good condition.  For post op, he highly encouraged me to continue the pool work for rehab and continued arthritis and joint good health. I am in better health than ever at 68 years old. The pool at the Y has given me this.  I would have to say my mental health is much better also because I feel better, less pain and the social aspect of the others I interact with have all been very positive outcomes of using the Y pool. – Becky B (pictured 3rd from left in the above photo)

The pool has become a great part of my life since I retired.  The people have grown to be like one big family in our everyday swimming.  That’s what it’s all about in community….coming together and sharing and caring about each other.  This is all some people have.. I have seen people that couldn’t walk well and they have used the pool and greatly improved their health and lives.  We need to this pool.  It is greatly used for all ages.  Thank you for your help.  – Paula S.  (bottom left in the picture above)                                                                                                                                        

My eldest son was born in 1982.  When he was just a few months old, I enrolled us in a mother child interactive swim class at the YMCA.  I assumed it would be a chance to spend quality time together and get him acquainted with the water, which I so loved.  To my amazement, it was much more.  Being assured that an infant, from natural instinct and lack of fear, would hold their breath under water, we began by positioning our child so we were facing each other and submerging together. What a sight, all these tiny babies moving through the water like little fish as the mothers laughed and their infants splashed about.  That was an experience made possible through the Y that I will always hold dear.  The aquatics program offered family entertainment, swim instruction for all ages, non impact rehab and fun! – Anita W. (pictured center above)

In January 2010 I had a double knee replacement. Exercise is important to keep the  range of motion in the new joints. I joined the YMCA and started water aerobics. This was what the doctor said was best. I was working 3 to 5 days each week. Evan when we only had a teacher on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays, I would still be in the pool Tuesday and Thursdays. The exercise I can do in the water is different and better on my joints than the land based exercises. The steps going into the pool are much better for getting out. I can no longer use the ladder in the side of the pool.  I am 64 and this is why the pool is important to me! – Kathy A. (pictured on the right)