Hearts for Healthcare

Anita’s heart led her to her sewing machine, fulfilling orders for over 400 masks for policemen, health care workers, and friends. “I am so grateful I have had my sewing to preoccupy my mind.  If I had to face our current situation each minute of every day, I fear to think how I would react.  What is being experienced by so many people now is heartbreaking. Some can’t make ends meet and need to be able to get back to work and yet that could mean a renewed outbreak that could shut things down even longer.  What a crossroad with no easy answer. Imagine knowing that whatever you decide will be helpful to some and devastating for others.  I pray we are near the end and see extreme advancements.”

As she takes a break based on decreasing demand, she has these words of thanks. “I would like to thank everyone for their generous offers, contributions, help with deliveries, material, thread, elastic, precut supplies and support.  Together we have distributed 447  masks and donated $140.  I gave much consideration on where the donation should go and after reading an article on the rising cost of food and the growing number of children and families needing assistance in these unfortunate times, I chose to support a local food pantry. Again, my many thanks and wish for the safety of all!” It takes a village!